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Amai Mask hoists an unconscious Metal Bat on his back, only to notice the split carcass of Centipede Elder in the sky. He wonders if all the other heroes have been defeated as well, and his vision is hampered by the darkness. In the distance, he spots Manako attempting to revive Flashy Flash. Amai Mask rushes towards her, attempting to assassinate her, but he is stopped by the arrival of Gotz Okkie, the aircraft carrier surfing on the land courtesy of Saitama's heroics. King, protecting Tatsumaki and the other heroes in a safe spot, is shocked by what he sees and asks for Saitama's whereabouts. Fubuki shows up, congratulating him for saving her sister and proudly introducing her "New Blizzard Group," which includes a recovered and obese Tanktop Master and Spring Mustache, carrying Bang, Bomb, Zombieman, and Superalloy Darkshine, while the Class-A team carries their master, Nichirin.

A few seconds later, Fubuki shows concern for Tatsumaki's condition and tries to give her some of her energy, despite Spring Mustache's warnings. She asks Tanktop Master for help, who mentally tells the Class-S heroine not to dare die before his tanktop mastery surpasses her psychic powers. He proceeds to lift everyone up and asks King for assistance in escaping. King, noticing Saitama's presence, tells them to wait there. In a dizzying maneuver, Saitama manages to stop the aircraft carrier from moving and shields the heroes from an approaching wave and the Centipede Elder's body that falls onto the ship. The calmness is short-lived as more water blasts towards them. At that moment, Pig God races swiftly over the centipede's corpse, leaps over it, and swallows the other heroes to protect them before Gotz Okkie is completely overwhelmed by the water.

The scene shifts to Garou, who remains still on the battlefield after his victory over Centipede Elder, while pondering what happened to the Evil Water of the Ocean. Suddenly, Saitama lands behind him, surprising Garou. When the Human Monster turns and sees him, the Capeless Baldy asks him, confused, what he is supposed to be.

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