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Lightning Max leads the heroes on the boat to search for Tareo while Waganma is surprised to see Pig God floating in the water, thinking he is a drowned corpse. Meanwhile, Garou continues to fight Saitama, using a rapid flurry of punches to launch him into the sky, only for Saitama to ask him where he learned to do that. When the Human Monster wonders if he can become "absolute evil," he sees Saitama blocking all his attacks with one hand, which infuriates him. Then, Garou remembers when the people he inadvertently saved thanked him and how this degraded his determination, seeing himself at that moment as someone pathetic. Using his hind arms to propel himself, Garou lunges at Saitama and unleashes a powerful technique, driving both the hero and himself into the depths of the mountain. The force of the attack is such that it sends energy waves that propagate through the Earth's mantle and cause a part of it to rise from the other side. A downed passenger plane is unexpectedly rescued when the planet's crust rises, except for an unfortunate lifeboat that falls with the tide onto a mysterious temple.

In another dimension, Blast and his allies notice that the space around the Earth is distorting and their magnetic and gravitational fields are going crazy. Immediately afterwards, the hero and his companions teleport to another location to prevent "that bastard" from breaking the dimensional seal.

Saitama is unfazed by Garou's attack and retaliates with his Consecutive Normal Punches, destroying two of Garou's arms, leaving the Hero Hunter with only two remaining arms. At this moment, Garou remembers the words of Centipede, and deduces that the "abominable fist" he mentioned referred not to him, but to Saitama. The hero proceeds to hit Garou hard in the face, causing him to crash into several mountains and finally fall into a huge puddle. Exhausted, he sees Saitama land and approach him. Considering him the embodiment of injustice, he makes a last attempt to hit the hero, only to receive a punch so strong that his monstrous form breaks and releases his human body, while feeling frustrated at being defeated by an insurmountable injustice despite all the effort he made to become stronger. At that moment, a series of stormy clouds appear in the sky and a voice tells him: "I can hear you."

Back at the heroes' location, Pig God has rescued numerous people by protecting them in his stomach from harm. Among them is the obese Tanktop Master, who is welcomed by Licenseless Rider. The Class-S is glad to see his hospital companion helping, but everyone is surprised by the mysterious appearance of the clouds. Suddenly, a huge foot steps on the Earth, enveloped in lightning. As the heroes watch in horror the scene from another world, another foot lands on the surface, and the enigmatic figure begins to walk. The figure stands in front of Garou's unconscious body and calls to him. Confused by who is talking to him, Garou listens as the entity speaks about his deepest desire and how it has been crumbling at the hands of a hero. Distressed by his words, the Hero Hunter threatens the voice, who continues, claiming that there is only "one fist" that can rival the "fist that turned against God." Garou demands that the figure show his face, but it only laughs at his threats and reminds him that he is trying to help him. When Garou turns his head and opens his eyes, he sees "Bang" shrouded in darkness, extending his hand; the figure claims that there is no master willing to watch his student being beaten without doing anything.

As Garou reaches out to Bang, the colossal face of "God" peers through the clouds, bestowing upon him a new power.

Observing from the battlefield, Saitama notices that the sky has turned pitch black and senses that something serious is about to happen. Suddenly, Garou falls from the sky, but now he looks different, as if he's a void filled with stars and galaxies. The Caped Baldy questions him about his change in appearance, but he can't quite make it out.

Garou, now transformed, murmurs about what the voice had told him, declaring that the only thing that can counter the "punch that went against God" is the "punch of God" itself. He takes a combat stance and prepares to fight as "Garou the awakened": Cosmic Terror Mode.

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