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The battle between Saitama and Tatsumaki continues, with Amai Mask observing them from a building. Saitama complains that they have gone too far from the Hero Association headquarters and wants to go back. Tatsumaki agrees and carries him back while noticing that Sonic has returned to attack Saitama once again. However, Tatsumaki easily reverses Sonic's explosive shurikens and he ends up defeated again. They all return to the Association, where Tatsumaki insists that she was testing Saitama and he is underestimating her.

Meanwhile, in the underground facilities of the Association, some heroes are observing the disbanded Blizzard Group. Some members decide to leave the team, angering Lily, but Pestiñas offers to lead those who want to follow Fubuki and become stronger. Fubuki, who has gone to the surface, observes the destruction caused by the battle and tells her sister that she is going too far.

Later, Saitama lands near King, who is stranded in the apartment complex of the Association headquarters. Tatsumaki tries to attack Saitama again, but he dodges and she ends up revealing her panties to King, leaving him shocked.

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