This is SAITAMA in real LIFE

Today we introduce you to Stepan Uteshev, a young Russian man hailed as the real-life Saitama from One Punch Man. His imposing presence, defined muscles down to the last detail and uncanny resemblance to the anime character have made him a fitness icon for anime lovers and gym devotees alike. With a head shaved to zero and a body fat percentage of less than 5 percent, Uteshev not only embodies the image of Saitama, but has taken the inspiration of this bald and powerful hero to new levels.

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Stepan Uteshev's distinctive features include perfectly sculpted biceps, pecs and abs, making him a living representation of the legendary One Punch Man protagonist. His dedication to fitness is reflected in his impressive physique, establishing himself as a benchmark for those looking to merge the world of anime with the discipline of physical training. Beyond aesthetics, Uteshev shares his training journey and fitness tips, inspiring a global community to reach their own wellness goals.

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