What are the GUDOUDAMAS of NARUTO?

The gudoudama, also known as the Truth-Seeking Balls, is a special jutsu that can be accessed when the user has mastered all 5 chakra natures, including yin and yang. In this article, we will discuss everything related to gudoudamas; how are they obtained? What are their uses? And which powerful shinobis were able to control this powerful technique?

Table of Contents
  1. How is the gudoudama obtained?
  2. What are the uses of the gudoudama?
  3. How powerful are the Gudoudamas?
  4. What are the capabilities of the Gudoudama?
  5. What are the disadvantages of the Gudoudama?

How is the gudoudama obtained?

The gudoudama can be obtained in different ways. In the case of Hagoromo and Hamura Otsutsuki, they obtained it because they were direct descendants of Kaguya Otsutsuki. Another way to obtain the gudoudama is through the acquisition of the Six Paths Senjutsu, which can be achieved by becoming the jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails or by using the Six Paths Sage Mode granted by Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

Once the user has acquired the gudoudamas, they will automatically float on their back, ready to be used whenever the user requires them.

What are the uses of the gudoudama?

These black spheres can be used both for attack and defense, as the material they are composed of can be molded into various shapes and sizes.

When Obito used the Gudoudamas, he transformed them into the famous Nunoboko sword to face Naruto and Sasuke. He also used them as both short and long-range attack weapons, as well as a shield to protect himself from the Juubi's Bijuu Damas.

On the other hand, Rikudo Madara used them as long-range projectiles, but they can only be fired up to a distance of 70 meters.

In the case of Toneri Otsutsuki, he was able to merge the Gudoudamas to create a powerful energy blast that he used to split the moon in half.

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How powerful are the Gudoudamas?

A single Gudoudama holds a completely destructive power capable of making an entire mountain disappear; at the same time, its hardness is such that it can withstand the explosion of several Bijuu Damas.

However, it seems that Gudoudamas can also be used for healing, as Obito did when he healed his injuries after receiving Naruto's powerful Rasengan with the help of the Second Hokage.

Being indestructible, the only way to make the Gudoudamas disappear is by defeating their user.

What are the capabilities of the Gudoudama?

According to the Third Hokage, the Gudoudamas had the ability to destroy matter at the molecular level on a much greater range than Onoki's Jinton; and according to the Second Hokage, as the complement of Yin-Yang, the Gudoudamas had the ability to cancel any ninjutsu, a clear example being the Edo Tensei. When hit by this attack, the affected person could no longer regenerate, as happened with the Fourth Hokage.

What are the disadvantages of the Gudoudama?

When a Gudoudama takes a different form other than a sphere, there is a time limit to maintain this transformation, and when that time ends, it will return to its original state. Another disadvantage is that they can only be thrown up to a distance of 70 meters, and when they reach this limit, the Gudoudama will return to its original position.

When the user of the Gudoudamas creates shadow clones, they do not have the Gudoudamas, indicating that only the user possesses them, unless they decide to give them to their clones. The only way to destroy the Gudoudamas is by using Senjutsu, just like Naruto did when he used Sage Mode to attack Obito.

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