What did the M on Vegeta's head mean?

Vegeta is one of the most iconic characters in the Dragon Ball series who has caught the attention of hundreds of fans around the world with his attitude and serious way of being; However, this character became more relevant in the Majin Buu saga from the moment he allowed himself to be possessed by Babidi and where an M symbol appeared on his forehead. What does this symbol on Vegeta's forehead really mean?

The M on Vegeta's forehead is a symbol that represents Majin. It is a seal placed by Babidi to indicate that he controls Vegeta in a certain way. This symbol was placed using black magic because Babidi knew that Vegeta was powerful enough to resist mind control.

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Another interpretation that the M on Vegeta's forehead has refers to the symbol of Vegeta's slavery with Babidi, since Babidi controlled him in a certain way so that he obeyed all his orders, although since Vegeta was quite proud, he ended up revealing himself to the point of not obey any of his orders.

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