In the Naruto anime, the legendary "sannin" are referred to as three of the most powerful ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village, regarded as legends. These three ninja, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru, have reached a level of skill and fame that puts them above most other ninja in their village, even comparable to the level of a kage in terms of strength and power. But what exactly is a sannin, why were they called a certain way, and what does a ninja have to have to become one?

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  1. What does sannin mean?
  2. Why are they called sannin?
  3. What makes you a sannin?

What does sannin mean?

The word sannin is literally divided into two words which mean: "san" which means three and "nin" which means ninja. In a few words, this word refers to the 3 legendary sannin, orochimaru, jiraiya and tsunade, considered the most powerful ninjas of the leaf village. They were trained by their teacher hiruzen sarutobi.

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Why are they called sannin?

As we already mentioned before, a sannin is a ninja that has the same level or maybe higher than a kage. Jiraiya, orochimaru and tsunade were named the 3 "legendary sannin" due to their great skill and strategic thinking during the second world war; As these 3 ninjas were the only survivors in the battle, Hanzo the salamander personally named them "the 3 legendary sannin".

What makes you a sannin?

To become a sannin, a ninja must have exceptional abilities, as well as be outstanding with a reputation for strength, skill, and strategy, and of course, have achieved a historic feat like Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru.

It is important to note that one cannot self-proclaim as a "sannin". This title must be bestowed upon you by a very powerful and outstanding ninja in all aspects who has recognized your power and determination. These can be a kage or any other shinobi with overwhelming power; a clear example is Guy Sensei, who did not self-proclaim as the strongest man in the world, but was named by Madara Uchiha who recognized that his strength was unparalleled.

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