Born on April 5, 1955 in Nagoya, Japan, Akira Toriyama is a talented manga creator and character designer. His fame is due to works such as Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Additionally, he has made his mark as a character designer on popular video games such as Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, and Blue Dragon. Many consider Toriyama to be a pioneer in the world of manga, as his works, especially Dragon Ball and the Dragon Quest saga, have influenced and captivated numerous artists in the industry.

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After working at an advertising agency, Akira Toriyama, before becoming a mangaka, found his way into the world of manga after being hired by an advertising company in Nagoya. However, after three years in an environment where the tie was mandatory and relations with his superiors were not the best, he decided to leave everything and dedicate himself completely to manga.

His debut as a mangaka was in Shūeisha's Shonen Jump, and since then he has created numerous stories that have been collected in volumes. Toriyama's life as a mangaka took off with Dragon Ball, a work that has transcended generations around the world. Although initially he did not expect Goku and his friends to achieve such fame, today they are icons recognized worldwide.

Despite his success, Toriyama remains a public figure in Japan and resides in Aichi with his wife, Yoshimi Kato, also a former manga artist. They married in May 1982 and have two children: Sasuke, born in April 1987, and Kikka, born in October 1990.

Toriyama's fame has brought with it some drawbacks. Every time his presence in Tokyo is rumored, local authorities worry about the crowds of fans who gather near his home. Despite this, Toriyama prefers to maintain a low profile and is rarely exposed in the media, with few interviews or photographs for foreign newspapers.


After catching the attention of Kazuhiko Torishima, who would become his lifelong editor, with works such as Awawa World and Mysterious Rain Jack (a witty Star Wars parody), Kazuhiko Toriyama managed to debut as a cartoonist at a young age in 1978. His first foray was with the story Wonder Island, published in the weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

From this debut, Toriyama created various short stories such as Tomato (which would later become the embryo of Dr. Slump) and Today's Highlight Island. Although these works received moderate acceptance from fans, they were enough to give the author the opportunity to give life to his first manga series.

Animes and mangas

  • Dr. Slump
  • Dragon ball
  • Dragon ball z
  • Dragon ball super
  • Awawa World, 1977.
  • Mysterious Rain Jack, 1977.
  • Wonder Island, 1978.
  • Wonder Island 2, 1979.
  • Aquí la isla Highlight, 1979.
  • Una chica detective: Tomato, 1979.
  • Mad Matic, 1982.
  • Escape, 1982.
  • Pink, the rain Jack story, 1982.
  • Karamaru, 1989.
  • Las Aventuras de Tongpoo, 1983.
  • Mr. Ho, 1986.
  • Lady Red, 1987.
  • Señorito Kennosuke, 1987.
  • Sonchoh, 1988.
  • Mamejiro, 1988.
  • Tahi Mahi, 1998.
  • Dragon Ball Fusions: ¡el Manga!, 2016-2018.
  • Despo Figther Z, 2018-2020. Among others.

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