Who is FUBUKI love interest?

who is fubuki love interest

Within the One Punch Man universe, the leader of the Blizzard Gang, Fubuki, has generated speculation about her romantic interest, specifically in Saitama, the bald and seemingly indifferent hero. At first glance, Fubuki appears to be motivated solely by the desire to have Saitama on her team in order to maintain her first place position in the Hero Association's B-Class.

However, beneath this facade of purely strategic interest, there appears to be a hidden interest. Although Fubuki initially seeks out Saitama for his great strength and skills, an emotional connection inadvertently develops. Fubuki, despite his arrogant and calculating attitude, begins to experience feelings that go beyond his desire to have Saitama team up with him just to keep his position high.

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likewise, Saitama remains oblivious to these emotional subtleties, as his own inner emptiness and disinterest in relationships keep him indifferent to Fubuki's budding emotions, as he himself considers the class B rank 1 heroine a mere acquaintance, not a friend or a co-worker.

furthermore, it could be said that saitama knows exactly what fubuki's intentions are, to have him in his group in order to keep his potion in the hero association by using him to defeat extremely powerful kaijin and somehow gain fame as the most powerful group in the hero association.

but since saitama is not interested in rankings or ranking like fubuki is, this fact makes saitama not take fubuki's importance in the slightest because of his way of using others to get what he wants.

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