In the Dragon Ball Super universe, the character Granolah has captured the attention of all fans of the series. Granolah, also known as "The Last Survivor", is a lone warrior from the planet cereal who seeks revenge for the destruction of his people at the hands of the Saiyans on the orders of Emperor Frieza.

The tragic past of granolah led him to have a difficult life, motivated by the only desire for revenge, this character trained hard to have enough power to take revenge, however, seeing that his efforts were in vain, and learning of the existence of the dragon spheres of the cereal planet, granolah asked as a wish to Trombo to make him the strongest warrior in the universe, This with the only condition that it would reduce its life to only one year of existence.

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As for his abilities, Granolah is known to be an extremely powerful and very skilled warrior. The aim granted by his right eye makes him an exceptional sniper, plus in his melee battles, this eye allows him to see the vital points of his opponents to defeat them in a faster and more efficient way.

In his past, granolah was saved along with his mother by Bardock, Goku's father, who unlike the other Saiyans was a noble person, a characteristic trait inherited by Goku.

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