In the world of One Punch Man, there are heroes who fight monsters to save humanity. One of them is Metal Knight, or also known by his real name as Dr. Bofoi, is a professional hero class S member of the association of heroes who has appeared in several chapters of the anime and manga. In this article, we will explore many aspects related to this hero such as his personality, abilities and powers.

Metal Knight is an imposing-looking character, wearing gray armor and a metal mask covering his entire face, making him look like a futuristic and very powerful warrior. Often this robot only works remotely, as Dr. Bofoi operates it from his operations center to stay safe from any danger. Likewise, this scientist is a genius of mechanical engineering and technology, and is able to design and build advanced robots with high-powered weapons.

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Despite being an S-class hero, Metal Knight's personality is very cold and calculating. He does not fight for justice or to keep the peace, but fights for his own benefit and scientific research. This makes him unique among the other S-class heroes, as he cares more about efficiency in his actions than about the well-being of people.

As for his abilities and powers, Metal Knight is one of One Punch Man's most powerful heroes. It is capable of remotely piloting all its combat robots, and has an extensive variety of weapons at its disposal, allowing it to cause a great deal of damage in battle. In addition, its ability to control technology and perform cyber attacks makes it a formidable threat to any kaijin.

The robots designed and built by Dr. Bofoi with capable of easily wiping out any kaijin with an ogre disaster level. In addition, it should be noted that due to its thousands of robots, metal knight was able to build the headquarters of the association of heroes in just 7 days, something that was planned to build in 15 years.

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