who is TOYOTARO?

Toyotarō is the pseudonym of Toyotarō Toyble, a Japanese manga artist known for his work creating the "Dragon Ball Super" manga. He was born on April 12, 1976 in Aichi, Japan. Toyotarō gained recognition in the manga community for his ability to capture the art style of Akira Toriyama, the original creator of "Dragon Ball."

Toyotarō began his career as an amateur mangaka and won several manga contests before attracting the attention of Shueisha, the publisher of V Jump magazine. He was selected by Akira Toriyama to illustrate the "Dragon Ball Super" manga, an official continuation of the "Dragon Ball Z" manga and anime. The "Dragon Ball Super" manga is published in V Jump magazine and has been well received by fans of the series.

Importantly, Toyotarō works under the supervision and guidance of Akira Toriyama, who provides the original story and ensures coherence with the "Dragon Ball" universe.

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  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission (2012–2015, serialized in V Jump)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F (2015, written by Akira Toriyama, serialized in V Jump)
  • Dragon Ball Super (2015–present, written by Akira Toriyama, serialized in V Jump)
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 The Manga (2016, written by Akira Toriyama, included in the collector's edition of the video game)
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission (2019) character design Sealas (シーラス Shīrasu)


  • Toyotaro has followed the Dragon Ball series since he was in school and has drawn Dragon Ball since he was very young, always drawing it after breakfast. Many of his primary school notebooks are full of drawings related to the series.
  • According to Toyotaro, he likes all the Super Saiyan transformations, enjoying when he illustrates Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4, but the ordinary Super Saiyan is the one he is best at, which is why he loves drawing Super Saiyan Blue. .
  • His favorite scene from the original manga is when Frieza kills Krillin where Goku later achieves the Super Saiyan transformation.
  • Toyotaro keeps a business card from the store from the release of the sixth volume of the Dragon Ball Super manga with him because it contains a really positive comment from Akira Toriyama about his work, which helps provide him with motivation.
  • Toyotaro is left-handed.
  • Toyotaro belongs to type A blood group.

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