Why BEERUS didn't kill BUU?

In the world of Dragon Ball, the figure of the God of Destruction Beerus is one of the most feared and powerful. However, despite his reputation as an implacable being capable of destroying entire planets with a single touch, many fans have wondered why Beerus did not kill Buu, another extremely powerful and dangerous being for the universe. The question has generated a great deal of theories and speculation in the fan community, so we will try to provide an explanation.

The simplest explanation to this question is that before Dragon Ball Super and all its new characters existed, Akira Toriyama had not planned to create this series. In fact, he intended to end the entire series in Dragon Ball Z, just when Goku and Vegeta had managed to defeat Majin Buu.

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However, with the appearance of Dragon Ball Super and the new mystery that has been created around Beerus, the only answer that has been given is that the God of Destruction did not kill Kid Buu because he was deeply asleep.

Although this answer may sound a bit vague, let's remember that Dragon Ball Super was not initially planned to be created, so some questions will remain unanswered, and others will have a fairly simple and perhaps nonsensical answer, all to maintain the plot in the series.

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