Why did Chi-Chi never learn to fly?

Within the Dragon Ball universe, the ability to fly is a common ability among the most powerful characters in the series, especially among Saiyans and any other warrior or god who has the ability to control ki. However, among all the characters who at least know martial arts, there is one who notably never learned to fly, and this character is Chi-Chi, Goku's wife. Despite being surrounded by extraordinary warriors and having trained since she was very little, why did Chi-Chi never learn to fly?

The rationale behind this is Chi-Chi's focus on family roles and responsibilities instead of spending time training to be a fighter. Although from an early age Chi-Chi always trained to become an expert in martial arts, as time went by, and even more so since Gohan was born, Chi-Chi adopted maternal roles and focused more on raising Gohan and Goten, leaving the training and martial arts to Goku. Her focus on home and family limited her time to devote to training to learn advanced combat skills such as flying.

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Another important factor is the difference in lifestyles and priorities between Chi-Chi and Goku. While Goku is constantly seeking to improve his fighting skills and is willing to put aside his responsibilities to train, Chi-Chi on the other hand, values the stability and security of her family over combat power. This results in a lack of motivation on Chi-Chi's part to pursue advanced fighting skills such as flying.

Additionally, Chi-Chi's personality is more conservative and traditional compared to other Dragon Ball characters. She tends to adhere to more conventional ways of life and often disapproves of Goku's decisions that could jeopardize the family's safety or undermine domestic stability. This conservative mentality may also have influenced her lack of interest in learning to fly, as she sees it as a skill that could expose her to more danger and distance her from the role of mother and wife.

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