Why did JIRAIYA refuse to be HOKAGE?

Within the Naruto universe, Jiraiya is considered one of the most powerful shinobi in the world, being ranked alongside Orochimaru and Tsunade as the three legendary Sannin of Konoha, as his combat prowess was feared even by the most powerful villains. In fact, the only reason Itachi and Kisame did not go to capture Naruto was because Jiraiya was always by his side training him.

However, this truth raises a question: If Jiraiya was really so powerful, why did he not hold a position as Hokage? In theory, a Hokage is the strongest shinobi of a village, in this case Konoha. The answer is that Jiraiya has always received requests to assume this important role on multiple occasions, but this legendary Sannin always used to reject each request. So, why did Jiraiya refuse to be Hokage?

As mentioned earlier, Jiraiya has been offered the position of Hokage on multiple occasions. The first time the opportunity to become Hokage was presented to him was when the Third Hokage decided to retire by announcing his retirement. At this point, Orochimaru was the ideal candidate for the Hokage position, but as he had defected, Jiraiya was the best option. However, Jiraiya declined the offer and proposed his disciple Minato for the important role.

The second opportunity to become Hokage came when the Third Hokage died at the hands of Orochimaru. At this point, the two advisors of the Konoha village personally requested that Jiraiya assume the position of Hokage, but as expected, Jiraiya also declined and proposed Tsunade for the Hokage role.

The third opportunity came when Pain had destroyed Konoha; with Lady Tsunade gravely injured and Jiraiya dead, his name was still mentioned as an ideal candidate to occupy such an important position. However, since he was no longer there, Danzo assumed the role of Hokage.

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Table of Contents
  1. The Deep Sense Of Guilt Of Jiraiya
  2. Jiraiya is always on the move
  3. Inferiority Complex

The Deep Sense Of Guilt Of Jiraiya

One of the main reasons why Jiraiya refused to become Hokage was due to his deep sense of guilt, particularly regarding Orochimaru. The relationship these two characters had was more than friends; they considered themselves brothers, just like the bond Naruto and Sasuke share.

When Orochimaru deserted the village of Konoha, Jiraiya felt a profound sense of pain and guilt for not being able to stop his best friend. From that point on, he questioned how he could become a Hokage, an entity that is supposed to guide and protect his entire village, when he couldn't even guide and protect his best friend and brother.

Jiraiya is always on the move

As previously mentioned, Jiraiya carried the weight of guilt for not being able to stop his best friend from becoming a rogue ninja. In an attempt to redeem himself, Jiraiya began to monitor Orochimaru constantly, even when he joined the Akatsuki.

This arduous work required Jiraiya to spend most of his time away from Konoha, and as a result, he learned to enjoy the wandering life. As an experienced writer, he knew that a change of scenery was a valuable source of inspiration, and as he constantly traveled from village to village, it was impossible for Jiraiya to take the position of Hokage.

Inferiority Complex

Until his last breath, Jiraiya considered his life a series of failures. Despite being seen by many as a legendary shinobi who accomplished incredible feats, he only saw his worth in the things he couldn't achieve. This inferiority complex kept him away from assuming a role that required him to be responsible for the lives of many people.

However, the above reasons are not related to Jiraiya's ability as a shinobi. Everyone, including himself, knew he had the necessary skills to be Hokage. But after experiencing so many painful things throughout his life, Jiraiya knew that it took more than pure power to be a great leader. Accepting the job with a mind full of guilt and insecurities would only be detrimental to the people of Konoha. That's why he refused to be Hokage.

Jiraiya was a man who never stopped trying, even when it seemed like everything was against him. Despite his failures and insecurities, he was always willing to take risks for others. That is the true measure of a shinobi, not just skill, but also the willingness to do what is right even in the most difficult circumstances. In that sense, Jiraiya was a true legendary shinobi, whose worth cannot be measured by his achievements alone, but also by his courage and indomitable spirit.


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