Why does Goten not look like Goku anymore?

Dragon Ball fans have long been intrigued by a perplexing question: Why does Goten, Goku's second son, no longer look as much like his father as he did during his introduction in the series? The change in Goten's appearance has left a lot to talk about, which is why in this article we will try to explain the reason why Goten no longer looks like his father.

The main reason why Goten no longer looks like his father when he grew up is because Goten is a hybrid; He was born from the combination between an Earthling and a Saiyan, an Earthling on his mother's side and a Saiyan on his father's side.

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According to Vegeta's words, purebred Saiyans keep their haircut intact throughout their lives, from birth to death, which is why both Goku and Vegeta, who are purebred Saiyans, have never seen it with radical changes. in their hair.

On the other hand, due to being a hybrid, his hair grew, since this is not a pure-bred Saiyan. Another example that we could see of hybrid saiyans are Gohan and Trunks, who also grew their hair, since these are hybrid saiyans.

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