One of the worst hokages in all of history

Hiruzen Sarutobi or also known as the third hokage is considered by many to be the worst hokage that has ever existed in history; and although as hokage he has done many things for the good of the leaf village to maintain peace, many of his actions have left much to be desired, since as hokage he could have done it in a better way so that many of the ninjas did not die , or in any case so that many could live a better life as is the case with Naruto.

Although the third hokage committed many "mistakes" as hokage throughout his administration, in this article we will talk to you about the 3 most important reasons why Hiruzen Sarutobi is considered the worst hokage in all of history.


Table of Contents
  1. The war with the Uchiha Clan
  2. Poor control of their students
  3. Lack of support for Naruto

The war with the Uchiha Clan

Civil war is the worst type of war that can exist; The brutality and fear of war taking over the people you consider family has its own kind of horror, The manipulation from the shadows and the greed of people to get to power leads to the possibility of a civil war on the fringes from the leaf village.

Itachi's will, under pressure from both sides, both from his village and from his own clan, is bound by blood to remain loyal to his family; However, being under the Hokage's orders to report on the rumors that exist in his clan, Itachi has no choice but to comply with the orders given to him by his superiors, as in this case of informing the Hokage that his clan They were planning to attack the village.

His orders put him in an unimaginable and unenviable position, Hiruzen, who did not put a heavy hand against doing as he pleased in the leaf village, did nothing to ease the pressure between the Konoha administration and the Uchiha clan, which led to one of the worst moments in anime in terms of history, the death of an entire clan at the hands of a single man, Itachi, who becomes one of the most hated characters thanks to Hokage himself.

Once we all found out that Itachi's attack on the Uchiha clan had been planned by Sarutobi, we understand that the third Hokage looked for the simplest way to avoid a war which he knew he could not win, and he did. wiping his hands, leaving all that weight to Itachi who since then became the most hated man by all people, since he was even hated by the fans of the franchise for almost 300 chapters, when he was alone protecting his village.

Poor control of their students

As a teacher and mentor, he attempted to pass on his belief to his students, the legendary Sannin (Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru), but unfortunately, Hiruzen did not see the way the “Will of Fire” philosophy twisted in the minds of his students, especially in Orochimaru, since he was always a very ambitious ninja.

Orochimaru's concern was always to learn to master all the jutsus in the world for himself and become an invincible being. And as seen both in his way of thinking and in his way of acting, Orochimaru seems to have never learned anything from the Third Hokage, since he doesn't even respect him, which is why he was able to kill her. he own teacher. Even at this point Hiruzen did not manage to correct his student, but what he gained was to earn even greater hatred and repudiation.

We have another case with Lady Tsunade (who becomes a drunken woman and a gambler who likes to gamble) and Jiraiya (who always stays away from the Village, getting distracted by women). A student must reflect the teachings of his teacher and none of Hiruzen Sarutobi's students demonstrated to learn anything from his teacher's teachings.

Lack of support for Naruto

Since Danzo leaked knowledge that Naruto was the jinchuriki of the 9-tailed fox, Naruto's life changed drastically at a very young age, where he lived in a hell rejected by society in general. Naruto had all the way to become the greatest villain of the entire franchise not only for being rejected and hated by everyone, but for harboring within him the most powerful biju of all.

However, despite all the obstacles, Naruto always remained firm in his dream of becoming Hokage and going down the right path. But all of this could have been avoided if Hiruzen had acted with all the authority he had at that time; He would have given Naruto up for adoption to a family to take care of him and not leave him alone and abandoned. He would have prevented the entire village from knowing that Naruto was the jinchuriki of the 9-tailed fox by cracking down on Danzo.

But even with all the power and authority that Hiruzen had, he did nothing about it, and even taking into account that Naruto was the one who saved the village from the destruction of the 9-tailed fox, in addition to being the son of the fourth hokage.

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