Why SAITAMA can't kill MOSQUITO?

One Punch Man is a very popular anime and manga worldwide, starring the powerful hero Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any enemy with just one punch. However, fans of the series often wonder, if Saitama is capable of defeating any kaijin with one punch, why couldn't he kill a small, harmless mosquito?

First of all, Saitama's power is so immense that he often struggles to control it. He must be careful not to accidentally destroy everything around him, including buildings and people nearby. An example of this is when he was able to destroy Jupiter with just his sneeze while fighting Garou.

However, when he had to face the mosquito in the second chapter of the anime, Saitama could not kill it, and no matter how hard he tried in different ways, the mosquito always emerged completely unscathed.

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As a result of this event, several theories have emerged on the internet trying to explain why Saitama couldn't kill a mosquito. This is the theory that stands out the most among all of them.

This theory indicates that Saitama's power comes from his apathy, not his physical strength. In other words, the less he cares about something, the less vulnerable he becomes. However, when Saitama begins to feel negative emotions, in this case, the emotions that the mosquito made him feel, he becomes too vulnerable.

This theory takes into account the moment when Saitama played rock-paper-scissors with Bang; at this point, when Saitama started losing many times, he began to feel negative emotions, which is why when he won for the first time, he could not overcome the speed with which Bang was able to dodge his attack.

Although this theory may sound interesting, there is no doubt that Saitama is the strongest in the entire One Punch Man universe, and the reason why he couldn't defeat a simple mosquito was just a joke by the creators.

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